NSAC Candidate Earns FAWL Scholarship

Tara Irani, a 2L Candidate on the University of Miami National Security & Armed Conflict Law Review, was recently honored along with two other Miami Law Students as she received the Alexandra Bach Lagos Scholarship from the Florida Association for Women Lawyers.

Irani, who also works as a Research Coordinator at Ryder Trauma Center, is looking to pursue a dual JD/MD degree, and hopes to attend medical school upon graduation from law school. With NSAC, she was integral to the planning of this year’s symposium, assisting not only with preparations for the event but even helping secure some of this year’s fantastic speakers using her connections at Ryder and the Miller School of Medicine.

“I am humbled and honored to be recognized by such an accomplished attorney, and I am and grateful that she values my efforts with regards to health, safety, human rights, and human welfare,” said Irani. “She has generously contributed to my future, and, through her kindness, I will continue to contribute hard work and passion to these vital areas.”

NSAC would like to congratulate Tara on this wonderful honor!

2L Tara Irani

2L Tara Irani

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