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Trouble at Sea: Budget Cuts, Changing Smuggling Trends Create New Problems for Old South Florida Headache

BY CHRIS PAWLIK – It’s no secret that South Florida has long been one of the largest entry points for the supply of cocaine sold in the United States. Much to the chagrin of state and federal law enforcement, cocaine smugglers have utilized the vastness of the ocean to elude detection in a difficult game of […]

Sun Tzu’s Battle for Your Footnotes: The Emergent Role of Libraries in Judicial Warefare

BY MARK MCCARY – This paper posits that libraries—specifically science and technology libraries—have emerged on the international scene as a critical source of soft power—non-military power. Public and private entities can leverage a library’s digital resources to accelerate the development of critical technologies through horizon scanning, targeting, early warning, alert services, digital exploitation, and cross-domain delivery. Library resources play a key role in strengthening the research capabilities […]

Link for the live streaming of the NSAC Law Review’s Symposium on Illicit Trafficking

Below is the link for the live streaming of the National Security and Armed Conflict Law Review’s Symposium on Illicit Trafficking:

Please note, in order to obtain Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit for this event please consult your state bar’s regulations. This symposium is only accredited in the State of Florida.

If you require a certificate of attendance, please email Thank you.

If you ask a question, tweet to @miaminsac.

Declaring War on the Illegal Wildlife Trafficking Trade

BY NICHOLAS ESSER – Miami, with its proximity to Latin America, has long been considered a busy port for wildlife trafficking according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Last month the United Nations Security Council came out with two significant resolutions that could potentially affect Miami’s status as a point of entry for illicit wildlife […]