Volume V


Table of Contents

Note from the Editor-In-Chief


Fair and Impartial? Military Jurisdiction and the Decision to Seek the Death Penalty
by Clark Smith

Autocatalytic Regime Theory and UNSC Spawned Cooperative Counterterrorism
by Nawi Ukabiala

Autocatalytic Regime Theory and UNSC Spawned Cooperative Counterterrorism Part II: Addressing the Apprehension
by Nawi Ukabiala

Of Foreign Fevers, Shot, and Shell: Constitutional Rights of Media Access to the Battlefield After Flynt v.  Rumsfeld
by Thomas Terry


War Tourism: A Growth Industry
by Jeremy Gale

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act: Protecting the United States from Cyber-Attacks, Fake Dating Profiles, and Employees Who Check Facebook at Work
by Kristin Westerhorstmann

Too Few Cadavers: How the Law is Limiting Army and Civilian Surgical Training
by Tara M. Irani

Allied Pressure: Enforcing International Obligations Forbidding the Payment of Ransoms for Kidnapped Western Nationals
by Andrew R. Schindler

Unintended National Security Risks Tied to Healthcare Reform and the Cadillac Tax
by Brooke Michel Elliott

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