Symposium Speakers

                                                                        Panelists Include:

The panel order, times, and speakers are all tentative and flexible.

Key Note:
Mark Potok, Senior Fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center, Birmingham, Al.
o   Co-authored “The Age of the Wolf”: SPLC’s report on the changing nature of domestic terrorism and the rise of the lone wolf terrorist.

Panel 1: Trial Mechanics: Prosecuting and Defending an Accused Terrorist:
A look at the unique issues attorneys face when prosecuting and defending an accused terrorist. This panel would look into investigatory challenges, prosecutorial discretion in charging under terrorism statutes, death penalty issues, trial strategies, jurisdiction, and the sometimes limited Constitutional rights of an accused terrorist. This would be a 2 person panel, consisting of a defense attorney and a prosecutor, both experienced in trying terrorism cases and would be a primarily one-on-one discussion, and question-and-answer panel.

Sabrina Schroff,
o   Federal Defenders of New York

Daniel Rashbaum
o   Partner at Marcus, Neiman and Rashbaum, former AUSA.

Panel 2: Policing Extremism: Surveillance, Prison Radicalization, and Military Interference.
Will focus on the role of law enforcement in policing the new era of domestic terrorism.  Includes a look at authorized police tactics employed by the law enforcement personnel used to combat and prevent domestic terrorism, and whether these tactics are best suited for the type of extremist violence that is the hallmark of new domestic terrorism; issues affecting correctional officers and wardens, specifically relating to the prison radicalization phenomenon; and the military’s role in policing domestic terrorism.

Janna Bollinger Heller
o   Acting Major, Homeland Security Bureau, Miami-Dade County

Arie Perliger
o   (Director of Terrorism Studies, Combating Terrorism Center at West Point)

Kendall Coffey
o   Partner at Coffey Burlington, PL. Miami, FL
o    Author of “The Lone Wolf—Solo Terrorism and the Challenge of Preventative Prosecution.” 7 FIU L. Rev. 1 (2011). This article critiques both police and legal tactics used to combat lone wolf domestic terrorism. Former U.S. Attorney. Frequent legal media commentator. Founding member of Coffey Burlington, PL, concentrating on complex litigation at trial and appellate levels in federal and state courts. Serves as the Chair of the Southern District Conference, Florida Federal Judicial Nominating Commission.

Jenna McLaughlin
o   ‪Staff writer for The Intercept, covering national security topics.

Panel 3: Roundtable Discussion: Where Do We Go From Here?
This panel will discuss how the legal landscape can (or whether it needs to) adapt to the shift toward leaderless resistance as domestic terrorism. This would discuss issues, and solutions to those issues, which include varying definitions of domestic terrorism, prosecutorial discretion problems in charging under terrorism statutes, the critical reception of existing legislation targeted at specific acts of terrorism such as the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, and police tactics and prison policy issues as discussed above.

Speaker 1: Mark Potok
Speaker 2: Daniel Rashbaum
Speaker 3: Sabrina Schroff
Speaker 4: Kendall Coffey
Speaker 5: Janna Bollinger Heller
Speaker 6: Arie Perliger
Speaker 7: Jenna McLaughlin


FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Kristin Westerhorstmann, Chief Symposium Editor

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