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Trouble at Sea: Budget Cuts, Changing Smuggling Trends Create New Problems for Old South Florida Headache

BY CHRIS PAWLIK – It’s no secret that South Florida has long been one of the largest entry points for the supply of cocaine sold in the United States. Much to the chagrin of state and federal law enforcement, cocaine smugglers have utilized the vastness of the ocean to elude detection in a difficult game of […]

Declaring War on the Illegal Wildlife Trafficking Trade

BY NICHOLAS ESSER – Miami, with its proximity to Latin America, has long been considered a busy port for wildlife trafficking according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Last month the United Nations Security Council came out with two significant resolutions that could potentially affect Miami’s status as a point of entry for illicit wildlife […]

Human Trafficking: Destroying the Future of the Next Generation

BY NICHOLAS ESSER – I believed, like many others, that human trafficking was something that only happened to foreigners. I believed that young women were stolen from the dark alleyways of Europe or the dusty avenues of Mexico. I believed that organized crime and drug cartels were the ones we could hold responsible for such a […]