National Security & Armed Conflict Law Review Symposium



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Should Facebook be allowed to artificially manipulate our emotions?



Facebook is the second-most visited website in the world, behind only Google, with more than 800 million distinct visitors every day. Social networking has become an ubiquitous part of our day to day lives, a combination of our own time capsule and a window into our friends’ lives. For better or worse, few websites have […]






The Forgotten Ones: Where do transgender service members stand in the aftermath of the repeal of DADT?



By Anthony Moreland - Following on the heels of the repeal of the policy that openly discriminated against gay and lesbian service members known as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT)”, comes the kindred spirit of the gay and lesbian community, the transgenders. Albeit not a new discussion, the recent revelations of PFC Bradley Manning are bringing the plight of […]



The Legality and Wisdom of Travel Restrictions Related to Ebola



By Stephanie Rosendorf - The Ebola Virus Disease is a severe and oftentimes fatal illness in humans, which has already taken the lives of thousands of people in Africa during this year. The first human outbreaks occurred in Africa in 1976, with the most recent outbreak also occurring in Africa but spreading to other continents, as […]



ISIS or Al-Qaeda – AUMF’s Applicability to ISIS



By David J. Puentes – The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, also known as “ISIS”, “ISIL”, and the “Islamic State,” has received ever-increasing military attention by the United States in recent months. With limited air strikes in early August 2014, bombardment of ISIS targets in Syria and Iraq in late September 2014, and recent […]



National Security & Armed Conflict Law Review Symposium



    For a download of the flyer, please click here: NSAC_Symposium_Poster V4 copy



NSAC Welcomes Sixteen New Candidates for 2014-15 Academic Year



The University of Miami National Security & Armed Conflict Law Review is please to announce the addition of sixteen new candidates for Volume V and the 2014-15 academic year. These candidates distinguished themselves due to their academic achievements, writing abilities, and outstanding work experience. The Volume V candidate class includes fourteen second-year students and two […]



Where is the Justice? The Sexual Assault Crisis Plaguing the Military and a Lack of Meaningful Justice



by Marc E. Rosenthal* Abstract             Sexual assault is a major problem in every branch of the American Armed Forces. The current military justice system is flawed in such a way as to deny victims of sexual assault in the military meaningful and competent justice. Victims of sexual assault in the military do not receive […]



Two NSAC Executive Board Members Receive Prestigious Award



Two of NSAC’s executive board members have received a prestigious national honor in being selected to Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges. Corey Gray, the 2013-2014 NSAC Editor in Chief, and Paige Reese, the 2013-2014 Chief Articles Editor, were honored at a ceremony on April 1st for their academic achievement, service to the university, […]



The Perils of Congressional Interference in Military Sexual Assault Cases



By Claire Rumler – Sexual assault has been a longstanding issue in the various branches of the United States military forces. In early March, Army Brigadier General Jeffrey Sinclair avoided brig time after pleading guilty to adultery and mistreatment of one of his accusers. Per the plea agreement, the sexual assault and sodomy charges against […]



NSAC Member James Slater Advocates to the United Nations Human Rights Committee



Three students from Miami Law’s Human Rights Clinic traveled to Geneva, Switzerland to participate in hearings and briefings in front of the United Nations Human Rights Committee. The committee had gathered to review the United States’ compliance with its treaty obligations under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), a treaty that the United States […]



The New March Madness: Congress, the Executive Agencies, and the Uncertain Future of American Surveillance



By Chris Pawlik – March 2014 was a whirlwind of a month for those within the United States intelligence community. Vice Admiral Michael S. Rogers, President Barack Obama’s nominee, to replace General Keith as the 17th Director of the National Security Agency (NSA), testified for the first time before the Senate armed services committee. Later that same day, Senator Diane […]




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