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Civility In War: New Policy For Military Rules Of Engagement

by Ashley George – War has been a part of human history and our evolution for many millennia and through out this time the rules of war have often changed. But does war really have rules? It seems to be a free-for-all in many cases, but the United States has directives called Rules of Engagement […]

Children vs Soldiers

by Carolina de la Pedraja – Children in the United States are protected at all costs. Conversely, the Islamic State views children very differently. The “cubs of the caliphate” is the child army that the Islamic State has built. The Islamic State has no age limitations when it comes to recruiting, taking as young as […]

2015 Symposium Video Now Available Online

The University of Miami National Security and Armed Conflict Law would like to thank all speakers, moderators, faculty, members, and candidates that helped make its 2015-2016 Symposium: “The Rise of Leaderless Resistance: The Changing Nature of Domestic Terrorism in the United States” the success that it was. For those who were unable to attend, or wish […]

Two Ways and One Goal: To Prevent Future Paris-Style Attacks

by Kevin Peterford – Ten days ago the world was shaken by the horrific attacks that occurred in Paris. In the wake of the deadliest attacks on France since World War II, there have been numerous proposed means of combatting future terrorist attacks. In the United States there are two remedies suggested to curtail an attack […]