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The Eyes of the World: Charges, Challenges, and Guantánamo Military Commissions After Hamdan II

BY CHRISTINA M. FROHOCK — Guantánamo military commissions are under a spotlight, scrutinized by the judiciary and the public. Just the word “Guantánamo” can trigger impassioned reactions from both advocates and detractors. This Article takes a measured view, examining a recent opinion from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, Hamdan v. United […]

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The National Security and Armed Conflict Law Review publishes on a rolling basis. Check out our articles, member articles and book reviews. Professional articles: Prosecuting the Crime of Aggression in the International Criminal Court by Johan D. van der Vyver Standing Our Ground: A Study of Southeast Asian Counterterrorism Conventions Contributing to a Peaceful Existence […]