Candidates from the 2015 Law Review Write-On Competition Announced!

It is with great pleasure that the University of Miami National Security and Armed Conflict Law Review announces the addition of eight new candidates to our ranks. These highly qualified individuals were chosen through their participation of the University of Miami 2015 Law Review Write-On competition, where they were tasked with reading hundreds of pages of material relating to the Eleventh Circuit’s decision in U.S. v. Davis, 785 F.3d 498 (11th Cir. 2015) and writing a case note, all in one week.

Upon their completion of this daunting task, their notes were reviewed by NSAC’s Editor in Chief, Executive Managing Editor, Chief Notes Editor, Chief Articles Editor, and Chief Blog Editor and selected as fitting for our Law Review.

These dedicated and talented new candidates are:

Amber Selig

Moshe Genet

Carolina de la Pedraja

Alexa Klein

Cameron Scullen

Andrea Villa

Kevin Peterford

Tiffany-Ashley Disney

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