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Yemen’s AQAP Ripple Effect – How AUMF Changes Could Affect U.S. Strategies

David J. Puentes — Since 2001 when al-Qaeda brought itself to the forefront of publicity and dragged the word “terrorism” into the spotlight by its September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center towers in New York, factions have sprung into the limelight everywhere. One of the most publicized of these factions, due to their continuing brutality, […]

ISIS or Al-Qaeda – AUMF’s Applicability to ISIS

By David J. Puentes – The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, also known as “ISIS”, “ISIL”, and the “Islamic State,” has received ever-increasing military attention by the United States in recent months. With limited air strikes in early August 2014, bombardment of ISIS targets in Syria and Iraq in late September 2014, and recent […]