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NSAC Feature: Professor Bernard H. Oxman

By Carolina de la Pedraja – At the University of Miami School of Law, Professor Bernard H. Oxman is recognized for his array of knowledge on international law. Walking into Professor Oxman’s office, one is surrounded by bookshelves full of materials ranging from international law to first year torts. At the School of Law, Professor […]

Presidential Power and The Syrian Refugee Crisis

By Carolina de la Pedraja – Of the many powers delegated to the President of the United States, one of them is allowing individuals to take refuge in the United States during emergency refugee situations. The United States had not taken a large role in helping Syria until early September of this year, when President […]

Candidates from the 2015 Law Review Write-On Competition Announced!

It is with great pleasure that the University of Miami National Security and Armed Conflict Law Review announces the addition of eight new candidates to our ranks. These highly qualified individuals were chosen through their participation of the University of Miami 2015 Law Review Write-On competition, where they were tasked with reading hundreds of pages […]