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Elections 2014: A Continuing Decline of Military Veterans in Congress or a Prediction of a Future Increase and Why it Matters

David J Puentes- It does not come as news to many that the number of military veterans in Congress has significantly declined over the last few decades. From the mid 1960s through the late 1970s, the proportion of military veteran legislators remained at around 75%. Since then, however, the number has drastically dropped to approximately […]

The Legality and Wisdom of Travel Restrictions Related to Ebola

By Stephanie Rosendorf – The Ebola Virus Disease is a severe and oftentimes fatal illness in humans, which has already taken the lives of thousands of people in Africa during this year. The first human outbreaks occurred in Africa in 1976, with the most recent outbreak also occurring in Africa but spreading to other continents, as […]

Where is the Justice? The Sexual Assault Crisis Plaguing the Military and a Lack of Meaningful Justice

by Marc E. Rosenthal* Abstract             Sexual assault is a major problem in every branch of the American Armed Forces. The current military justice system is flawed in such a way as to deny victims of sexual assault in the military meaningful and competent justice. Victims of sexual assault in the military do not receive […]